1967, the height of the Cold War. Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt is embroiled in a power struggle when his spymaster discovers Red sympathisers embedded within his administration.
After a tragic accident, a fringe scientist struggles to keep his wife alive inside a virtual world. An arthouse scifi story.
A tone trailer created for a 3 part mini-series about Australia's most infamous Soviet defection and the intelligence operation that penetrated the Soviet embassy in 1954.
A tone trailer for a drama about technology addiction.
Disgraced scientist, Julius Kogan, attempts to resurrect his career by securing the defection of a secretive Soviet researcher, Anna Lysenko. Julius gets more than he bargained for when Anna demands he become her first human test subject in return.
A 6 part youtube series of true war stories behind the world's most popular video game titles. It's an experiment in verbal storytelling, told over in-game footage by Scott Mannion.