Friday mind-food week 1
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Friday mind-food week 1


Here’s the first weekly dose of “Friday thought-food,”,  a few things I’m enjoying or contemplating that you may get value from.

Quote that grabbed me 
“This is our big mistake: to think we look forward to death. Most of death is already gone. Whatever time has passed is owned by death.” Seneca

App I’m using right now 
Omnifocus 2. It’s a life organiser and planner and I couldn’t function without it. Hundreds of uses and thousands of people round the world swear by it.

What I’m watching 
Jon Kabat Zin, Dr at UMASS university medical school, Google Talk on meditation. I highly recommend it for concentration and control of your mind.

What I’m reading 
Laws of Seeing – Wolfgang Metzger. This book illustrates the gestalt theory of visual perception. Remember the Duck-Rabbit illusion? That’s an effect called Multistability. Part of gestalt theory. It’s manifested by visual patterns that are too ambiguous for the human visual system to recognise with one unique interpretation.

For those who are interested in why I’ve used this book: Films are in all cases illusions. Movies exist in the audiences mind, not on the screen. I believe that is the subject we need to study. The better we understand the flaws of human perception, the more tools we can create to mesmerise, misdirect and ultimately entertain the audience (i.e. the human brain doesn’t perceive the first 2-3 frames of a cut, you can hide all manner of mistakes and cheats in those frames, and the brain overlooks it).

Happy New Year, brothers and sisters.  Much love.


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Friday mind-food week 1
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