Friday mind-food week 2
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Friday mind-food week 2

Hi Comrades!

Here’s your “Friday mind-food”. Every week or so, I send links and knowledge I’ve found useful in the hope they help you in your own pursuits. Please do send me stuff you find on your own travels.

Quote I’m contemplating:
“Journalism in a free market tells you what you want to hear, not what you need to know” –Eric Weinstein

Video worth watching:

Lecture series Maps of Meaning, Harvard University & Toronto University. 

When I was in a dark place I attempted to use Joseph Campbell’s work in comparative mythology (Hero’s Journey) to work through my struggles. This professor of psychology has taken Campbell and Jung’s work, and melded it with the latest psychology science to create principles modern humans can apply to their own lives. Useful for finding meaning, direction, motivation, and goal-setting

Inspiring badass of the week:

Jack Churchill (“mad Jack”) was a British World War two officer with a dramatic quirk: he took a longbow and Scottish broadsword to every battle. Churchill believed “an assault leader should have a reputation which would at once demoralise the enemy and convince his own men that nothing was impossible.” he killed several Nazi’s with these medieval weapons. He survived the war and retired to Surry, living till the ripe age of 89.

Book i’m reading:

The Autobiography of Theodore Roosevelt. 

A great book for anyone looking to overcome personal disadvantage. Teddy had a brutal lung condition and bad eyesight. His tonic for that was to live the “strenuous life”: to train out his weaknesses by focusing on them. The modern version of this is exposure therapy. Psychologists use it to treat phobias and anxiety.

App that helped me:

Self Control

I’m easily distracted so to properly focus I created strategies to remove stimuli. This application removes access to the internet for a predetermined time…

…but what to do when you’re forced to use the internet? I’ve attached a MAC script that turns your screen monochromatic; removing colour muzzles some of the weapons advertisers and social media use to grab our attention.

Here’s the Mac script 

Have a good week brothers and sisters. Much love.


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Friday mind-food week 2
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