Scott Mannion is a British director and writer, In 2018 he won an Australian Directors Guild Award (Nominee 2013) for his acclaimed Cold War Anthology, The Defector.His works have attracted an audience of over 4 million viewers across the US, Germany, Canada and Great Britain, and were world #1 in the charts on Vimeo and Steam. Mannion’s collaborators on The Defector Anthology were Oscar and BAFTA winning cinematographer Russell Boyd, two-time Australian Academy Award winning editor Matt Villa (Lego Batman, The Great Gatsby).

For his work, Mannion has garnered international critical acclaim and coverage across Gizmodo, Vice/DM, Polygon, Geektyrant, Empire, Want Magazine, Vintage News, The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald.  It was applauded by Sundance and TIFF program directors and was made Vimeo Staff Pick. 
His previous works saw Mannion win a New South Wales representative award. He was nominated for the Australian Directors Guild award in 2013—and awarded grants from Screen Australia and Screen NSW—the works have enjoyed international premieres at the prestigious Clermont-Ferrand film Festival and TV premieres on Canal+ and SBS, and lucrative distribution deals across France and Europe. 

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—Gizmodo Comment

“Dig it, dig it, dig it !!!!! This is a film of rare quality. I can watch more of this. Let’s greenlight the tv/streaming series. Now. Also, I thought the cast was a good call. Going with the actor used as opposed to a young pretty boy.”

—Youtube Comment

Someone greenlight a TV series on Netflix, please. This genuinely gives me hope for Australian cinema.

—Vintage News user

“This is an impeccably made thriller in every aspect: direction, cinematography, settings, great performances… Mannion keeps us intrigued from the very beginning with this story, wonderfully set in the 60s, and with that classic taste to the old-style political thrillers, with a brilliant plot twist at the end.”

—Steam review

This film is a definite must watch twice movie. 2nd viewing reveals this film for the masterpiece it is. Brilliantly edited and minimalist approach that suggests something so much greater and more insidious.

—Vimeo user

I wanted more of it! I love biographical movies, and so I came to watch this, but this was even better than I expected. Exciting, engaging, and intriguing. Feels like a Sydney Pollack film. It’s wonderfully crafted and heavy with an atmosphere of paranoia. The film is well acted and the cinematography crackles. It feels bigger than it’s budget.

—IMDB, Myriam Nys

“Wonderfully atmospheric and stylish film, both an homage to, and a satire of, Cold War spy dramas à la LeCarré. The beginning of the movie reminds one of a really faithful, really meticulous LeCarré adaptation – think BBC at its best – and then gradually ever more uncanny elements creep in. The finale is deeply disquieting, proving once again that horrors hinted at are more frightening than horrors explained. Nice, natural performances and very high production values.”

Scott Mannion
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