Greenwood deck & proposal

Greenwood's mission, goals and wider plans in PDF form

Nation as Hyperorganism & distributed cognition

The Death and Return of Kings. A poetic, symbolic and philosophical explication of the true meaning of the monarch's funeral

Verse in times of Culture War

(WIP) A collection of verse and speech, & edited using Greenwood's curation and analysis methods for their power to impel morale and meaning.

The Way of the Greenwood

(WIP) A research paper & philosophical proof constitutive with Way of the Dragonslayers, explicating the English value & virtue hierarchy. Collection of source materials used in the research project and throughout the Greenwood Show.

The Way of the Dragonslayers

(WIP) Part hero mythos, part field manual—It extracts the patterns of action of our greatest heroes for practical use and imitation.

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