Greenwood deck & proposal

Greenwood's mission, goals and wider plans in PDF form Click here to download


Overarching mission 

Establish a membership content platform which supplants the academy and legacy media’s monopoly over the interpretation of English tradition and literature; over the definition and cultivation of English values and virtues. 

Mission complete looks like this: If the English (and Americans) want to understand the fundamentals of our culture, they come to us, not the BBC; not Oxford (not the American equivalents)

Core goals

  • Establish and distribute a content slate that deciphers English tradition and literature, explicating the English value and virtue heirarchy and the psychotechnology that cultivates it, for the English audience at large..
  • Host and distribute a system of practices and psychotechnology the English can use to cultivate meaning and amply their common bonds—In other words, return to the common people the means of participating in their tradition and mythos.
  • Host and establish membership self-organisation and project participation: members actively contribute content and help build a library of psychotechnology and knowledge. Talent is promoted from within the audience, by the audience, and their content is upvoted to the front page and broadcasted to the greenwood audience at large on the Greenwood show.
  • Educate Greenwood members in the symbolic world view (medieval & darkage cosmology) and in the use of our analysis and curation tools so they can contribute to the project and its goals directly (creating their own content). In other words: empower the audience to empower the project.
  • Establish and promote in person local clubs: Greenwood Order for enacting and testing the psychotechnology, developing aspiration, self betterment, meaning, and flourishing within an English traditional framework.


Core goals & mission

  • Explicate the English value heirarchy; model its functional organisation; validate the model nomologically¹. 
  • Create a new lexicon and typology to represent and define the English value & virtue heirarchy; reconstruct a system of symbols the express it².
  • Reconstruct the Value Heirarchy’s process of emergence—its causes, its consequences. 
  • Uncover traditional English psychotechnology. Test and validate their utility, their beneficial effects for individuals, experimentally with researchers. Organise them into an ecosystem of practices that integrates with the value heirarchy to promote flourishing within (and of) English culture.
  • Formalise analysis and curation tools to enable researchers and content makers to uncover the value hierarchy in source materials, locate it in culture, and express it in content. Develop pedagogic tools to aid them in teaching this knowledge to a general audience³.
  • Establish an organisation of researchers and content makers to participate directly in the work and found new branches of the project.
  • Establish a contributors portal; an intranet on the website to collaborate and train with talented researchers, writers, editors, content makers. In other words, create a potent distributed cognition to light a fire under this rocket. 

What is Greenwood? Project description