Month: March 2023

№33 What is Anglosaxoness? | Early Speculative Dialogue

I dialogue I had with Luke Avery of Lamda Group: some of the best of the E Right at his event this week here: @i_am_lambda You make this work possible, support us here: WEBSITE MEMBERSHIP: https://s...

The King’s Illuminator | Andrew Stewart Jamieson, Master Heraldic Artist

World leading heraldic artist & illuminator for HM The King & Crown office, Andrew Jamieson His website: Rare few left who know the ancient art. We cover h...

The Anglosaxon’s “Kilt” | Metaphysics of Suits (tweed)

You make this work possible, support me here: WEBSITE MEMBERSHIP: DONATE CRYPTO/PAYPAL: Get in touch in the comment...

Trad Ortho Nationalism VS the Bugmen | @JayDyer Jay Dyer

Talk with philosopher & comic Jay Dyer JAYS YT: WEBSITE MEMBERSHIP: DONATE CRYPTO/PAYPAL:

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