Month: February 2023

Auron Macintyre | American Being: anticonstitutional?

The great Auron Macintyre, he's a columnist and host at The Blaze, we cover —FrogAnon @l0m3z smashing Neocon containment —True American being: embodied & 'anticonstitutional' —Folk, ritual, ethos...


Inspired by Academic Agent's comp I'm running 's parallel VID ESSAY COMPETITION 2nd theme 'Importance of Myth & Legend' Under 20m. Can win both. 1st PRIZE: £300,...

Metaphysics of Anon Froglords & Emergent Archetypes | ASTRAL

Insightful talk with essayist and frogthinker ASTRAL: We talk: —Metaphysics of froglord anonness —Emergence of new archetypes —Frog alter ego as TRUE self —Telos or...

Sculpting a Vanguard of Art & Vitalism | Fen De Villers

The mighty Fen De Villers is an English sculptur and a vitalist visionary One of my favourite talks: high Energy! We cover: -How to disclose and cast a mighty vision -How trad & vitalist art vangu...

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