Month: April 2023

St. George The Englishman VS the Dragon | @ncjhood @nordhugr @rupertaugust2403

True meaning of St.George & the Dragon: St. George's Day talk on Nathan Hood's channel, with Rupert August, Nordhugr. SUBSCRIBE TO NATHAN HERE: Rupert August: ht...

Curtis Yarvin’s Madman @DisgracedPropagandist | Isaac Simpson

Isaac Simpson, writer, creative director & King of based Admen. We cover: Why advertising & admen are BROKEN New BASED Marketing & its ENEMY TRANSGRESSIVE TRUTH the best AD Glorifying &...

Reclaiming Heritage & Destiny | @ThePrudentialist

Excellent essayist and geopolitical analyst THE PRUDENTIALIST. HIS YOUTUBE link: @ThePrudentialist We talk how destiny can be found in these dark times on the e right, American folk recovery in loca...

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