Month: December 2022

Jonathan Pageau | Folk, Nation, Church

Artist, Theologan, & thinker Jonathan Pageau, we cover: Where nation and folk meet Church, Dormant folk hyperacengies, Particular Vs universal, Tolkien's Anglosaxoness, the necessity of a People's...

Christmas Message to Eternal Anglos & Noblechads

You make this work possible, support me here: PATREON: WEBSITE MEMBERSHIP: DONATE CRYPTO/PAYPAL: https://scottm...

Paul Joseph Watson | Tradition’s Return, the Rural Ideal

Polemicist & broadcaster PJW joins us as we delve into his background to explore North Anglo-saxon values, the rural ideal, and the trend to return to tradition, religion, and restore Englishness ...

Count Dankula | Celtic values & Scotch custom

Dankula returns for a high energy and fun dialogue: we cover Scottish folk calendar, Dank's team and comedy process, Reality of Daemons and hyperagenies, Celtic myth & traits, American coastal ten...

MORGOTH | How to find trad meaning in modernist hell

Meaningful talk with the singular essayist & Youtuber Morgoth, it won't be the last we have i'm sure! You make this work possible, support me here: WEBSITE MEMBERSHIP:

Divine English Hierarchy VS The Machine | Dr. Nathan Hood

Scholar of English theology, history & literature Dr. Nathan Hood joins us to explore Tolkien & True English Spirit & how we can use folk / literature to uncover authentic English being wi...

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