№29 An Englishman must own himself. An Englishman must cultivate His estate.

An Englishman must cultivate fellowship.
An Englishman must wear and bear the Crown.
Those 'savings' could be bitcoin or physical gold. I'm not talking necessarily about $. When I say business is holy, I DON'T mean any merchantism: that is certainly LOW, but necessary. I mean seeking LORDSHIP and being a kingman is holy: seeking mastery. The Stoic practice is called reviewing your conscience, Benjamin Franklin did the same practice daily. See book The Wisdom of Hypatia.
Re meditation see John Vervaeke's free lessons on his youtube. (again this isn't a video for advice, but I'm simply sharing what the tradition is telling us. Practices are suggested because I thought people may want something to use that I do myself. I'm no guru)

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▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
00:00:00 - Unpacking the proposition: Englishman must own himself
00:00:55 - Hood and Arthur and cultivating your estate
00:01:58 - What does Independence mean?
00:04:31 - Robin Hood, arthur and cultivating fellowship
00:05:11 - How wageys can be Kingmen
00:07:26 - Kingship aint easy
00:09:05 - Two useful practices
00:10:11 - Aspire to your ancestral lordship
00:12:04 - We are NOT obedient 'law loving'. Moral law, NOT state law
00:13:02 - You're more powerful than you realise
00:15:38 - Your humble English destiny.
00:16:44 - Noticing "care", means the Kingspirit is real
00:18:17 - Wear the crown: The Over King's estate
00:19:36 - Ending

Greenwood deciphers the essence of English speaking values & virtues nested in the heroic sagas, symbols, legends & lore that cultivated English civilisation. Readings and analysis of great—and esoteric—English verse, tradition, narrative, ritual & speech to uncover hidden psychotechnologies to solve today's problems.

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