A Prophecy For The Chosen Few

The War For England and The West is won by Those Few Who Hear and follow the call of The Old Ones

00:00:00 - Dark Riddles of Ancient Seers
00:02:52 - Call of the War-Kin
00:06:52 - Carnage of Cybele: The Dark Mother
00:10:46 - Whispers of the Old Ones
00:17:01 - Lion of the Unseen
00:20:07 - Cave of Initiation
00:25:17 - Essence of the Folk: War Kin, Nomos, Value Hierachy
00:28:58 - Sacred Space as English Essence
00:34:44 - Essence of English Warrior
00:38:29 - Coming of the Old Ones
00:43:08 - The Old Ones Roar
00:46:59 - True Prophecy & What Will Be
00:50:25 - Mytho-Politics
00:52:35 - King of the Chosen
01:00:16 - Task of the Chosen

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