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▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
00:00:00 - Historical American Being VS Das Man
00:03:15 - American Ethnic Erosion
00:10:37 - Vision requires Ethnic roots & exhumed past
00:13:38 - Heidegger's 3 Ekstasis of time Being Is time, the past is now
00:16:13 - Exhuming Building blocks of civilisation
00:20:01 - Affirming Historic America
00:23:50 - Bracketed Americanism, more Anglosaxon than people realise
00:27:02 - To be a people us more than biology
00:29:35 - totally Impractical assimilation, even if possible
00:30:53 - Assimilation is not understood by cons who promote it
00:33:56 - American Not just Puritans: Chad Cavalier ways: Hierarchical ways of being under the taboo
00:37:43 - Founding not all bad: Attributing causation historically is impossible.
00:45:26 - Patrick's Inciting incident to join the fight
00:51:35 - Patricks Practices & advice to young men
00:54:27 - Practice ancient faith or worship black people?
00:56:34 - Great thinkers convert into different world ontologies
00:57:31 - Re-iniciation Church & virtue
01:00:33 - Sacred Vs profane rationalism & spirit of the times
01:08:45 - Contribute to the cause!

Greenwood deciphers the essence of English speaking values & virtues nested in the heroic sagas, symbols, legends & lore that cultivated English civilisation. Readings and analysis of great—and esoteric—English verse, tradition, narrative, ritual & speech to uncover hidden psychotechnologies to solve today's problems.

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