Are Memes The New Mythology? What Is Art? /w Gio Pennacchietti

Philosopher, painter & essayist Gio Pennacchietti joins me to talk Heidegger, the essence of art, Art vs propaganda, Meme culture & mythopoetics.


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▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
00:00:00 - The essence of memes, and myth
00:10:10 - Heidegger, Aristotle, art, and propaganda
00:21:06 - The 'essence' of art V equipment
00:31:31 - The Poet vs instrumentalisation of language
00:44:15 - Technology dominates being & art
01:01:08 - Authentic Tolkien VS Woke incompetence & degenerate ungroundedness
01:14:18 - Liberal propaganda VS Genuine myth & art
01:38:07 - The corruption of film & art & the opportunity for us
01:58:26 - Dissident emergent art scene & need for in-person community
02:10:11 - Gatekeeping in dissident art scene
02:17:01 - Folk, memes, & origins of dark maga
02:23:06 - Propaganda meme vs true meme
02:37:08 - Film and meme magic
02:45:48 - Poljak meme explained
02:54:53 - Conspiracy: Feds Blackpilling our ungovernable heroic stock to neutralise them

Greenwood deciphers the essence of English speaking values & virtues nested in the heroic sagas, symbols, legends & lore that cultivated English civilisation. Readings and analysis of great—and esoteric—English verse, tradition, narrative, ritual & speech to uncover hidden psychotechnologies to solve today's problems.

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