Count Dankula full dialogue: Myth & Story as True and Real?

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00:00:00 - Coming up
00:04:51 - Early life of a storyteller
00:09:34 - Coal mining town to the village ideal
00:13:10 - Mythic heroism & personal aspiration
00:17:17 - Mythos as psychotechnology to USE
00:21:16 - Myths ARE TRUE: ancient people SAW them
00:24:14 - Possession is REAL, stories are organisms
00:28:43 - Woke: a real Egregore & demon organism.
00:35:08 - Modern day Warhammer Gods are REAL.
00:38:05 - Our mythos is our shield against demons
00:41:46 - propaganda posing as story is deadly
00:44:52 - your ancestors are within you, you absorb them, & the value hierarchy
00:49:45 - Myths are TRUER than history: Adaptive utility of folk tales
00:54:57 - Work & meaning in Japan
00:57:35 - Globalist slavery Vs Populist rural lords


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