№22 England’s KINGSPIRIT: a Real ORGANISM. What is it?

The King of England lives: What is Geist?

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▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
00:00:00 - Intro
00:00:22 - What is a Geist?
00:02:48 - Santa is real
00:03:47 - You are more than your egomind
00:04:51 - Just subjective?
00:05:56 - Don't underestimate Geists
00:07:52 - Kingspirit description
00:10:19 - England as Personality & value heirarchy
00:11:39 - Real world example of Kingspirit behaviour
00:12:30 - The King cycle
00:14:59 - Tennyson & the kingspirit
00:17:41 - Shakespeare & the Kingspirit
00:19:46 - "heaven still, move about him, and blesses US in particular"
00:20:45 - "A pattern to all INHERITORS, living with HIM"
00:21:04 - "All princely graces, Values & virtues"
00:22:22 - "We hallow him with blood
00:23:34 - "Good grows as HE grows, WITH him"
00:25:49 - "Nor shall this spirit sleep with him"
00:27:06 - "Who from he sacred ashes shall rise"
00:29:19 - "Kingspirit will Be and make NEW NATIONS"
00:31:18 - "Don't underestimate dark Geists"
00:32:19 - We MUST call to the King
00:33:30 - Signoff
Greenwood: Exploring the heroic sagas, legends & lore that cultivate English speaking Culture. Readings and analysis of great, and esoteric, English verse, narrative, prose, and speech, to decipher their meaning and psychological value.

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