Genius & the Anglo Eccentric Amateur | Prof. Ed Dutton@DrEdwardDuttonTheJollyHeretic | Scott Mannion

Genius evo psychologist, Prof. Dutton we cover—
Implicit ethnic organisms, why amateur Genius CRU5HES Midwit Academy. Why Individualism is Maladaptive. Why the Fall of sacred = collapse. Aligning ethnic instinct & logical thinking.

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▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
00:00:00 - Ed's turn to cross-disiplinary study outside specialisation
00:05:08 - Genius' cross disciplines & break rules
00:08:56 - Genius contrary to ethnocentrism?
00:16:22 - Amateur Genius VS Midwit Academy leftovers
00:22:37 - Religion Sperg beats pure rationalist sperg
00:26:06 - Religion & IQ
00:27:21 - IQ and population collapse cycle
00:32:52 - Determinism
00:34:26 - Adaptive utility of Monarchy
00:37:25 - If Cancer Cells are 'immortal', is no the Monarch?
00:39:25 - Decline in Sanctified Nation leads to Material decline
00:41:49 - The Monarch, Religion, & adaptation
00:46:04 - Mapping Hyperorganisms with Evo Psychology
00:48:31 - Implicit Ethnic organism
00:53:30 - We're plagues by Maladaptive Individualism & Liberalism
00:58:28 - Genius supporting Island
01:01:10 - Why the regime hates English nationalism yet supports Celtic Gladio-nationalism
01:04:34 - Aligning ethnic intuition & instinct with propositional mind

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