Sculpting a Vanguard of Art & Vitalism | Fen De Villers

The mighty Fen De Villers is an English sculptur and a vitalist visionary
One of my favourite talks: high Energy! We cover:
-How to disclose and cast a mighty vision
-How trad & vitalist art vanguard is emeging
-How movement must manifest in the real
-The Essence of his process:

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▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
00:01:44 - Emerging Revolutions in Art & content
00:06:06 - A movement is real when it's IN PERSON AND PERSONAL
00:08:24 - Gatekeeping the more talented because they are threat, and ideas are ENEMY
00:11:43 - Inverting the Blackpill to VITAL POTENCY & art
00:13:14 - Death of institutional merit/competence is our Vangaurd opportunity
00:15:12 - Trajectory of Woke art is annihilation
00:17:33 - Authentic Vision must be non opposition, not rivalry with power, & specific
00:20:48 - Manifesting vision in the REAL
00:22:22 - Ven's Inciting incident, gave courage to create work that would make him outcast
00:30:09 - Being 'their' enemy is exciting, and it turns out, authentic
00:32:05 - Traditional archetypes and forms put a target on your back. But being enemy is good.
00:35:52 - Honour traditional form, manifest as faustian VITAL FORCE
00:40:26 - FOUNDING ANOTHER BEGINNING: emergence of new vital archetype, vital modern sculpture without the machine
00:46:19 - Emergence of new archetypes, & emanation of eternal forms
00:50:27 - Reestablishing excellence and competence and obsession
00:53:39 - The essence of SCULPTING: Ven's process of work, initiation, & obsession
00:59:52 - Where does the 'idea' or 'art come from? Who makes the work? You or BEING?
01:05:46 - In-tuitive being is 'being' without our categories of objects and it 'speaks' without 'words'.
01:10:41 - Concretising this for the materialists, not just 'arty fartyness'.
01:13:10 - Principalities and hyperagencys, is the movement US? or it's own 'form' driving?
01:15:33 - Politics and power need art and culture to fuel them & yield vitality
01:17:30 - Establishing art vanguard and thoughts to retain connection to the authentic vital spirit
01:21:21 - Serious for competence, freedom to shitpost
01:24:12 - WHITEPILL: Vanguard is emerging, the movement is manifesting in the real

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