№28 Charles is NOT king? Who is? the Funeral’s True Meaning

True meaning of the Funeral: The death and return of the King.

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▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
00:00 - Spirit Ascends
01:05 - The Overwind Gathers at Holyrood Palace
03:33 - Kingsguard pole-bearers and English Virtue
06:10 - Coffin Guncarrage: Aiming the English organism
07:54 - Cannon fire marks English epoch
10:11 - Windsor countryside as extension of the temple
12:56 - Procession as distributed cognition & organism
15:25 - Englishness reconsecrated: Resting in state
21:42 - Ascend to Kingship, heralds & proclamation
23:52 - Modernism parasite in Scotland
25:18 - Over King VS transhumanist demons
30:54 - How the Overking drives his will
32:56 - The temple, origin of values & sacred resource
36:12 - Traditional ritual IS the King
37:22 - Temple of the Dragonslayer
38:09 - Order of the Garter meaning
39:22 - The function of the whole funeral
45:28 - The Overking Speaks

Greenwood deciphers the essence of English speaking values & virtues nested in the heroic sagas, symbols, legends & lore that cultivated English civilisation. Readings and analysis of great—and esoteric—English verse, tradition, narrative, ritual & speech to uncover hidden psychotechnologies to solve today's problems.

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