What is Greenwood? FULL presentation: Plan, Mission & goals /w Scott Mannion

Presentation PDF at https://scottmannion.com/about-greenwood/ updates to theory and methods will be posted there on a rolling basis as the project grows
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▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
00:00:00 - The Problem
00:01:59 - Conceptual problem specified
00:05:29 - what is a Psychotechnology?
00:09:14 - Cultivation problem specified
00:11:34 - What is a Symbol?
00:15:58 - Metalore Lab Conceptual solution
00:20:47 - Why Metalore solves this problem
00:22:45 - Research methods at a glance
00:23:58 - What I need to unpack for cultivation solution
00:24:47 - Greenwood show outlined
00:28:13 - What is a Value? A value hierarchy?
00:33:08 - Oral tradition & emergence
00:35:41 - The Effects Greenwood impels
00:44:25 - Opportunity
00:52:09 - Greenwood platform Mission & goals: cultivation solution
00:56:04 - Why this is Competitive & fitted

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